Calm, Candlelight, & Chores

It's a quiet, cold Monday night in March and I've just spent the entire day cleaning, doing laundry and all those other chores that just have to get done. While I clean, I love to listen to inspiring talks or books on tape.  Cleaning, while it is a big chore, can also be very therapeutic if you embrace it.  De-cluttering or getting rid of junk can be a physical representation of clearing out those thoughts that don't serve me any more.   Every once in a while, in the middle of scrubbing the shower or cleaning the lint out of the dryer, I say this simple mantra:

I’m clearing out the clutter in my mind. I’m willing to let go & change the thoughts that don’t serve my highest self.

...or something like that.  Today I listened to a Louise Hay talk (available on Audible) about her 10 steps to loving yourself.  The most important thing, she says, is to stop any, tiny, little ounce of self criticism.  If we are successful at that, we will be successful in any other recommendations on the path of loving ourselves.  

Yikes! Talk about easy, right? 

Just kidding... it's the hardest thing I think I'll ever do!  So as I was cleaning (my house & my mind), I made a promise with myself to start small....and to start today.  So after a full afternoon of washing my husband clothes, cleaning up after my dogs toys & spring shedding hair, and scrubbing the bathroom... I've lit all my lanterns, candles, and tea lights.  I've turned on the essential oil diffuser with my favorite blend of lavender & chamomile. I've taken a long, hot shower using the last bit of my delicious lavender patchouli bath oil.  Lastly, I created this yummy if the mood wasn't already set.

My husband won't be home for another hour and yes I should probably start dinner, but instead, I'm soaking up dusk & candlelight.  I might do yoga, or I might just lie on my back.  I might journal, I might read a book, I might make tea...

Whatever I end up doing, I'm going to keep consciously relax the skin on my face (it is the way relate to other people, and not necessarily ourselves).  I'm going to breathe a little deeper and a little slower.  I'm going to assure my self...that beautiful woman I've become... that I love her, exactly how she is, who she is, and what she is right now... in this moment... as the sun is slowly setting on another day.  

Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.
— Louise Hay