Close your eyes and imagine... 

...waking up in the Hamptons on a gorgeous sunny day and making your way down to the beach.  As you walk through the dunes, you hear the sound of a ukulele mixing with the crashing of the waves.   You find an empty yoga mat and lie down on your back to take in the sweet sounds & sunshine around you.  You hear a lovely voice begin to lead you through an inspiring hour of yoga while the music floats on the ocean breeze.  You sweat, you laugh, you completely relax.  Essential oils fill the salty air as you lie down for a final rest and meditation.  When you open your eyes, you find fresh juices await you to refresh and nourish your body after your practice.  You feel light.  You feel inspired.  You feel happy.  You feel blissful.  

This is the magic of East End Mermaid™.  



Meet Jenna and Joe, founders of East End Mermaid Yoga!

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SUP YOGA in the Hamptons

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